You have to write a brief document to explain what do you expect from this internship:

  1. The student’s mission: What kind of project will the student have to work on?
  2. The student’s profile: What kind skills are you looking for?
  3. Briefly present your company
  4. Choose a supervisor for the intern.
  5. Send the document to:
    IUT du Limousin
    Service des Relations Internationales
    Project Bonjour
    Allée André Maurois
    87065 Limoges Cedex


1 student from the marketing department

Supervisor: Mr ABCD : (you or a member of your company)


  • Skilled in marketing, communication, market research (Excel, Google Analytics)
  • Creative and organized
  • Autonomous
  • Well written and spoken English


  • Updating the website
  • Optimizing the use of social media
  • Setting up an events calendars
  • Creating marketing tools to improve the sales
  • Communicating with press/media via phone or email