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Emilie Kamardine

The Great Ocean Road

    Great ocean trip: Couple weeks ago, I made the great ocean road with Grégoire and a University English teacher. What a trip! A little break for a historic point. The Great Ocean Road is a 243 km coastal… Continue Reading →

Brunswick or the city of a thousand colours.

  We always talkin’ about big monuments to visit in Melbourne, museums, bars & cafés restaurants and even more about the CBD but we don’t say too much about all suburbs which are located around the city. Indeed, I’m actually… Continue Reading →

Public transport Victoria : move into the city

As almost every person who lives in Melbourne, I take public transport. Indeed, the public transport is important in the city. It’s also practical to take this because of the intense traffic in Melbourne. The transport network is named “Public… Continue Reading →

JETLAG: First experience

    I found a new friend here named JETLAG. Jetlag is becoming my best friend. HAHAH, just kidding! Travelling plus Aussie jetlag equals tiredness. Indeed, in my opinion, it’s the first experience in Australia. Deal with the time is… Continue Reading →

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